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Absinthe apothecary jars from different countries

July 30, 2011 , , , ,

Antique absinthe apothecary jars and bottles

The picture shows a small collection of antique apothecary jars from different countries. From left to right:

  • A small porcelain jar from 1830 that I bought in Czechia but probably was manufactured in Bavaria, Germany. This type of jar was used for drugs in powder form, in this case for “Extr. Absinthii” (absinthe extract).
  • A grand German apothecary jar made from cardboard and wood dating from 1900. This type of container was used for storing dried plants like “Herba Absinthii – Wermut” (absinthe herbs – wormwood).
  • A pear-shaped apothecary glass bottle from Germany. This very rare type of bottle is called Nönnchen and was used to store liquid medicine. It is from 1830 and its heraldic enamel-label wears the inscription “TINCT: ABSINTH:” (absinthe-tincture).
  • A French apothecary glass jar from 1850 with so-called label under glass that reads “FOLIA ABSINTHII” (absinthe leaves).

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November 6, 2012

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