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Pontarlier glasses

September 17, 2011 ,

Antique Pontarlier glasses

Today was a very special day because our antique Pontarlier glasses arrived! My geekier half and I decided to celebrate the new family members with a little outdoor-photoshooting.

We just had to wait until the sun would move to our favorite spot and once she was there we only had about 20 minutes to take the pictures until the sunlight would move away. In the first 19 minutes the pictures were not bad yet not great either. But then, just when the sun was leaving the light got magical! It lasted for a few seconds and then it got too dark for our iPhones.

Pontarlier glasses and a Swiss pitcher

Here’s the magical picture #1. Luckily we just had time enough to get another supporting actor for the magical picture #2. Oh by the way, the plant in the background is 5 months old wormwood, but for some reason it just looks like parsely, haha.

Pontarlier glasses and Absinthe carafe


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These are beautiful! I love the elegance of Pontarliers without cuts.


September 17, 2011

Me too. Their reservoirs remind me of hearts. Does your glass look the same?


September 17, 2011

Happy Absinthe Day!!!!


March 5, 2012

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