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The results from the Absinthiades 2011

October 11, 2011 ,

Absinthiades 2011 in Pontarlier

The Absinthiades are the Absinthe Olympics that the officials of Pontarlier (France) have organized since 2000. These year Pontarlier celebrated the 11th Absinthiades – which is amazing since it is the very first year that absinthe is legal!

In the picture above you see the competitors of the 11th Absinthiades. They came from from France, Switzerland and Germany.

All absinthes were degustated by three panels at three different days: on Friday by Absinthe professionals; on Saturday by a public jury; and on Sunday by VIPs.

The absinthe community has discussed whether or not the ranking has been fair. Let’s look at it the geeky way: The table below shows the ranking. I marked the top scores green and the lowest scores red to make the data comprehensible.

Ranking Absinthiades 2011

From these data you can make three statements:

1) With exception of the 8th place in the category Vertes there was no agreement in the three jurys at all.

2) The taste of the VIP jury is rather diametral to the taste of the professionals.

3) The public votes decided the winners and loser.

I assume that the goal of the Absinthiades is to make absinthe approachable to a broader public and in this perspective it is a good thing that the public taste decides the winner. On the other hand, many of us would love to see those absinthes acknowledged that are more complex and thus maybe less appealing to people who are relatively new to absinthe. But then again, we have to remember it is the very first year that absinthe is legal in France. As the years go there will be more absinthe connoisseurs.


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