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Glorious spoons!

January 6, 2012

Absinthe spoons were made in a wide variety of shapes and materials depending on where they were going to be used. Sometimes the spoons were engraved the name of the manufacturer or the name of a brand of absinthe. Occationally, spoons are found with engraved monograms of the original owners, or the name of the café or bar, where the spoon were used.
In the second photo, the two spoons with the engraved names Wagon Bars and W. Buffet are actually advertising for the same company. The French railroad company  “Compagnie des Wagons-Bars” or short “Wagon Bars” existed from 1896-1898, before it changed its name to “La Compagnie Francaise des Wagons-Buffets” aka “Wagon Buffets” (from 1898-1916). At a time when trains were the cutting edge technology, an absinthe bar on railroads was an incredibly luxurious way of traveling and showing off ones status.
The French railroad car homepage has a lot more information about the company (in French) including a poster from Wagons Bars. Please visit their homepage here.

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Now THAT’S a pretty picture! I wish I had as many good friends with the good taste for absinthe as it would take to put those to use.


January 7, 2012

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