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Two snotty brothers

August 30, 2012

These two carafes from the 1900s have tiny snouts for pouring ice-cold water into a glass of absinthe. The big has a capacity of 1 liter and the small one only 0.5 liter. The small guy is fairly rare today. Compared to the big carafe that cost 75 ct. it was with 60 ct. also rather expensive in the old days.

The picture above is from a sales catalogue, where the two sizes are listed. Both carafe were also sold with cuts.

Below is a bonus picture of the two water carafes together with an absinthe carafe with emaille label.


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These are beautiful. My carafe is similar to your smaller one, but is a bit more rounded. It delivers a very thin stream which is perfect for absinthe, and I suspect yours do as well.


August 31, 2012

To be honest, we never use them. We always use the green dog pitchers or the Fée Verte pitcher, because they have bigger openings for the ice cubes. Is your carafe wide enough for normal ice cubes?


August 31, 2012

The mouth of my carafe isn’t wide enough for ice cubes, no. We always keep a (modern) carafe of water in the fridge as a general rule, so I usually pop several cubes in that one about an hour before I’m ready to prepare absinthe, and then transfer the water from the modern carafe to the antique one. (That being said, we only use the antique one 5 or 6 times a year ourselves.)


August 31, 2012

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