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The story of the beer dog

August 31, 2012 , ,

The best thing about collecting antiques is, you are collecting pieces of history and sometimes personal stories which would never be known to someone else than the owner and maybe their family. And too often the stories die with the owners of the antique objects.

Not this story.

It is the story of a Danish family’s absinthe glass. The family owned the absinthe glass since 1920, when their great-grandparents got six of them as a wedding gift.

They don’t know whether their great-grandparents and the following generations used them for absinthe.

However, after more than a half century the glasses were passed down to the uncle, who gladly used them, well, for beer schnapps. Because the small reservoir (2 cl) was just perfect for schnapps. He called his absinthe glass “ølhunden”, which means ‘the beer dog’ in Danish.


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What’s the capacity of this glass? It looks as if it could hold quite a bit of the tasty green!


August 31, 2012

The dose is small: 20 ml or 0.676 fluid ounces. It is also much lighter than the French bistro glasses. The small dose makes it perfect for vintage absinthes, because you have the feeling of drinking a “full glass” of the precious drops, while actually only drinking half the dose you would consume if you were using a French glass. 🙂


August 31, 2012

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