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Keller & Guérin rooster pitcher

April 12, 2012 2 Comments


Two green fairies

April 5, 2012

Both pitchers are made by Firmin Michelet. One is green with different shades of pink. The other one is brown and golden.

The bulldog pitcher from Westerwald

September 5, 2011

Absinthe pitcher and Dubonnet pyrogene

When you see this pitcher you will probably first notice its very naturalistic bulldog head. The hair on his neck seems so soft as it is floating over the dog’s collar

Then you might see the belly that has nothing to do with a dog at all. It has a very elaborated and geometrical pattern, where every line and dot is three-dimensionally sculpted. It is truly a wonderful piece of artisanal pottery.

But the most special thing about this bulldog pitcher is that it has three holes for adjusting the water stream. The hole in the mouth is for pouring water slowly into the absinthe. The two nose holes combined with the mouth-hole allow you to pour water in a way that it splatters and whirls up the absinthe.

Because of the three holes it is extremely rare. There are other zoomorphic absinthe pitchers with a bulldog-design, but most of them have only one hole.

Bulldog pitcher with three holes to pour water into absinthe

I am ashamed to say that I wanted to sell the pitcher last month. But now after looking at it closely again I just can’t bring myself to abandon this little dog! Look at his big eyes and the little protrudent tooth! Look at the chip on his nose. He is not perfect but that makes him unique. I would recognize him always. He is a keeper.

Ma fée verte

August 5, 2011

Art Nouveau Absinthe Pitcher

Absinthe pitcher La Fée Verte

My green fairy is not green. She is slender, elegant, has a black face and long golden tresses. She can be the loveliest young girl and the scariest demon. I swear, one time I was uploading a picture of her and all of a sudden she was all over my widescreen staring at me with creepy eyes. I freaked out. My heart stood still for a moment. She can do that.

She is an elf, both perfect and scary. In the Nordic mythology elves are creatures that live in the forests and consequently her robe is resembling wood yet she seems to float and move effortlessly.

She is a masterpiece that was brought alive by Firmin Marcelin Michelet (1875-1950). He was a celebrated sculptor who created several important statues. And he was a master of capturing the female face according to the beauty ideal of Art Nouveau – but in a such more intense way.

Buste by Michelet (source: Artfact)

There is not much known about Michelet’s absinthe pitcher. What I’ve found out is that he made a series of ten pitchers. Each of them is different and only a few exemplary of each exist. He marked his pitchers with MF (for Michelet Firmin) and the number of the model. I believe his series starts with a green pitcher that is quite vague in its shape and expression and from there he varies the subject creating ten individual models. My fée verte pitcher is a 10.

Fee verte pitcher

Picher de Firmin Marcelin Michelet

Derp dogs

July 20, 2011

Absinthe pitchers

Antique absinthe pitchers are quite excentric and weird in a good way – like these three fellows! The amazing leaning absinthe pitcher in the front is from Switzerland. Behind him stands a slightly less skew twin and a honey coloured dog pitcher from France that looks very surprised.